Research and Legislation

Research and legislation
Research, legislative amendments and new laws
Surinamese law is basically the same for men and women, but in practice women are often in a different position, so that they end up in adverse situations. We investigate these adverse situations and provide information on the inequalities, so that the position and interests of women become more apparent. In order to have equal opportunities changes should not only occur in society, but also in our laws. Sometimes old laws need to be amended and sometimes new laws are needed.
Legislative Amendments
In some laws, the status of women is insufficiently guaranteed. Some laws also still contain discriminatory provisions against women. We therefore draw the attention of the government to laws and provisions that are detrimental to the position of women and we take action to amend such laws.
New laws
Sometimes whole new laws are needed to ensure equal opportunities for all. Therefore, we research and propose new laws or put pressure on the legislator to take initiatives.
Our most recently conducted study was on: Domestic violence.