Legal Assistance

Our foundation has experts in the legal field. These experts examine with you what your rights are and what steps you should and can take. For example, you are fired and you want to know what your rights are, you want to adopt a child and do not know what steps to take, you have been living for years in a common law relationship and the relationship has come to an end. What rights can you apply? For these and other problems you can always contact our office for advice, information, assistance and social counselling. Our hours of business are daily from 9 am to 2 pm. Our address is Verlengde Gemenelandsweg 132B. For information you can also call us by phone at +597 433041.

Our assistance can consist of:

  • Providing information, so that you are better informed of what your rights are
  • Providing advice, so that you can take the right decisions
  • Mediating in conflicts
  • Providing support and guidance in writing letters and petitions
  • Providing assistance in looking for a lawyer who is especially involved in providing assistance to women involved in a legal suit
  • Providing assistance in referring cases to the court, etc.

To accommodate you, we offer legal assistance in some neighbourhoods with our mobile unit. This unit consists of a bus from which we offer assistance. The mobile bus unit of the Foundation, goes to fixed locations from Monday through Friday in different neighbourhoods of Paramaribo and the districts. Please feel free to enter and ask your questions!

Legal assistance for whom?
We offer help to the whole Surinamese society and especially Surinamese women (in particular financially weak women) regardless of race, class, position or location.

In principle, we ask the client a lump sum - also called threshold costs, but if you can not afford this amount, we request a contribution according to your financial capacity.